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Indian art is often described as other worldly, introvert and traditional. But, the resonance from the cumulative past has given a continuity and change to our art that has raised its stature to the global level. Today, Indian contemporary art has already carved a niche in the international art scenario and is being regularly shown in most distinct international events.
Gallery Contemporary in the city of Udaipur, India is born to cater the art lovers an affordable art of high aesthetic order showcasing etchings, engravings, litho-graphs, leno-cuts, woodcuts, mezzotints, digital prints and mono types by the celebrated artists and print makers from all over India. The gallery also exhibits the art of Choyal family.
We (Choyals) are a family of artists spread to three generations. All of us are contemporary painters, printmakers, sculptures, architects, ceramicist and theatre performers. Located at the outskirts of the city of Udaipur at the distance of 8 Km from the main city center, Choyals studio – cum art gallery houses artist residencies and community working studios where artists from all over India and other part of the world come, stay, and produce their art and carry back finished art works to their own country.
Our gallery in its ongoing programs will organize one man and group exhibitions from word over providing a forum for interacting with global art.
We believe, the gallery will not only facilitate through its regular exhibitions and other events an ambience of a specific aesthetic order but, will also shoulder the responsibility of extending the art of contemporary printmaking in India to the global connoisseurs









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